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According to the results of our study, hs-CRP stands for a better and more specific marker than VAI to determine metabolic components and predictive risks for cardiovascular diseases in patients with PCOS. Further studies with larger populations are needed in order to determine cardiovascular risks particularly in young PCOS patients. testosterone.

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In severely obese patients submitted to bariatric surgery, obesity-associated gonadal dysfunction was very prevalent: PCOS was present in 36% (95CI 22-50) of women and MOSH was present in 64% (95CI 50-77) of men. After bariatric surgery, resolution of PCOS was found in 96% (95CI 89-100) of affected women and resolution of MOSH occurred in 87% (95CI 76-95) of affected men. Sex hormone-binding globulin concentrations increased after bariatric surgery in women (22 pmol/l, 95CI 2-47) and in men (22 pmol/l, 95CI 19-26) and serum estradiol concentrations decreased in women (-104 pmol/l, 95CI -171 to -39) and to a lesser extent in men (-22 pmol/l, 95CI -38 to -7). On the contrary, sex-specific changes were observed in serum androgen concentrations: for example, total testosterone concentration increased in men (8.1 nmol/l, 95CI 6-11) but decreased in women (-0.7 nmol/l, 95CI -0.9 to -0.5). The latter was accompanied by resolution of hirsutism in 53% (95CI 29-76), and of menstrual dysfunction in 96% (95CI 88-100), of women showing these symptoms before surgery. testosterone.

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Improvements for tadalafil vs placebo were significant for the International Index of Erectile Function (IIEF) Erectile Function domain, Intercourse Satisfaction domain, Overall Satisfaction domain, and Question 15 (confidence in the ability to get and keep an erection; all P<.001), and for the Sexual Encounter Profile Questions 1-5 (all P≤.011). Analysis of covariance modeling identified significant treatment-by-subgroup interactions for the IIEF-Overall Satisfaction domain and erection confidence question and Sexual Encounter Profile Question 3. Comparing between tadalafil-treated testosterone subgroups, the IIEF-Erectile Function domain scores improved significantly more in men with normal vs low testosterone (P=.022); no other significant differences were identified for either placebo or tadalafil. No significant differences in pre-existing conditions were observed between tadalafil and placebo within the normal- and low-testosterone subgroups. testosterone.

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Associations between androgen levels and cardiometabolic features were assessed in PCOS, POI and NM women only, due to a lack of available data in RC women. Due to the cross-sectional design of the current study, the potential associations between androgen levels and actual future cardiovascular events could not be assessed. testosterone.

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What are the direct effects of androgens on primate follicular development and function at specific stages of folliculogenesis? testosterone.

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